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Benefits of hosting with us

America’s Best Coins offers a wide range of hosting benefits

Get your monthly profit off rent as well as the possibility to earn commission


     We see the hosts of our machines as partners and believe that hosting our machine is an excellent way to increase your revenue with minimum effort.

     The machines do not take up much space and can fit even in locations with limited capacity, so you won’t have to make many adjustments.

Increased customer traffic and increased visibility


     Nowadays, when shopping has shifted more and more towards the internet as opposed to in-store, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to inspire people to get out of their homes and spend money. Yet multiple studies have clearly demonstrated that emotion and presence play a huge role in purchasing behavior, and people tend to spend more in-store. Having a Crypto ATM at your location will solve the puzzle of attracting more customers to your business, with no effort required from your side.

     Additionally, any publicity received by America’s Best Coins will add to your location’s visibility. Again with no effort from your side.

Keeping up with the times



     Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, was created in 2009, and in just a bit over a decade, grew to become the worldwide phenomenon. From what started as an idea understood by a small group of people, it grew into one of the biggest trends of our days with thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market and almost 23 thousand Bitcoin ATMs in 74 countries. And that number is rapidly growing.

     So by hosting a Bitcoin ATM you can attract a broader customer range (statistics show that the main demographics interested in cryptos are males aged 25-40) as well as ensure your business gets a reputation of being progressive and adaptive.

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