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“Cryptocurrencies aren’t the money of the future; they’re the money of today”.


So why you should consider investing:

First, the principle of not storing all your eggs in one bucket is as true as ever, so owning cryptocurrency for the diversification of your investment portfolio is a smart choice in turbulent times.

Second, cryptocurrencies have shown not to hold any direct connection to the US stock market, which means that no market fluctuations are going to impact your crypto portfolio.

Third, some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin have fixed supply, unlike fiat currencies, such as for instance, the US dollar. This leads many investors to believe that they will gain even more value as fiat currencies depreciate.

Last but not least, there are clear signals that cryptocurrencies are with us for the long run and will gradually gain more and more presence in our lives. For instance, in October 2020, PayPal launched a new service that made it possible for their account holders to buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrency as well as make purchases at over 26 million different merchants.

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